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"Yes, I've been scolded for talking at a rock gig before. And it was a fucking loud rock band. I was talking into the ear of the person I was with, and the [other] person was like, 'You're talking kind of loud!' What, did they have dog ears or something? Fuck. I was whispering into my friend's ear!"
(Frank Black - Chart Attack)




Friends of (photo by Dave Noisy in Victoria, BC)

Latest 'Club' News: Summer Winners and September Prizes!

Okay, I've finally had time to get to this!

Congrats to "takatak", the winner of the 'big' June 2004 Friends Club prize, a complete promo set of the Brixton DiscLive CD's! Also, "Smokey Ling" won the DVD, and Ian Gair and "the_atomic_ned" both won 'Best Of' CDs.

For July and August i made the prizes 'Best Of' CDs as well, and the winners were Dirk Doucette and "Sparticus" - congrats everyone!'

I'll announce the September Friends Club prize(s) soon.

At this point, we have 244 Friends of Club members (up ~40 people from May), and around $2,000US has been raised! We're still working on a server upgrade in the near future, when the owner has time!

(Note, name in "quotes" indicated Forum Member.)

Draw Results

  • August 2004 Winner: "Sparticus" Prize: Best Of CD
  • July 2004 Winner: Dirk Doucette Prize: Best Of CD
  • June 2004 Winner: "takatak" Prize: Complete Brixton DiscLive set
    Also, "Smokey Ling" won a DVD, and both Ian Gair and "the_atomic_ned" won 'Best Of' CDs
  • May 2004 Winner: Chris Dreckman Prize: Promo copy of Minneapolis DiscLive CD
  • April 2004 Winner: "Blue Cadet3" Prize: Nadine CD Single, UK Version
  • March 2004 Winner: "the_atomic_ned" Prize: Pixies DVD
    Bonus Prizes to: "Cookie", "apl4eris", "Sparticus", Dan Drury, "fumanbru", "Morly", "jacksno8", "beatnik", Trevor Stenson, "lofiscifi".
  • February 2004 Winner: "KingPhilbert" Prize: Tribute CD's
  • January 2004 Winner: "Ten Pecenter" Prize: Nadine Single
  • Special December 25th Draw Results

Draw Logistics

Hello everyone! Here's a breakdown of how all this works..

First, when people sign up, they're assigned a number. I'm #1, as an example. (haw haw)

Next, i created a page to generate a random number between 1 and however many people have signed up (currently 64.) I load it, and there's the number! You can check out the page i use here.

That's it, pretty low-tech!

Thank for you helping out,

- Dave Noisy (click here to contact me if you have any questions)


-- Click Here to join the Friends of Club --



- - - - -

Dear fans and supporters,

Our friend Pete, the owner of the server that hosts, has asked me if it would be possible to help pay for the usage. Since the site went live in September 2002, we’ve been lucky to have totally free hosting, and this is by far the busiest site on his server (with over 2000 visitors a day and more than 300MB in the SQL database for the Forum. Beefcake!) I find this request to be completely reasonable, and I have agreed to try and raise $500 (USD) for this.

Thus, enter the ‘Friends of Club’!

Very simply put, this is a way for fans of the site to help out! Folks who wish to contribute can now sign up for a small donation of $5 (USD)! If 100 people sign-up, I’ve hit my goal, and all is great!

Again, I want to emphasize that this is completely voluntary, and all will still have complete access to the site and Forum. Coming short of the goal will in no way affect the normal operation of the site.

There will be some benefits to membership, though! First, everyone (and we mean everyone!) who signs-up before December 24th at midnight, Forum time (PST), will be entered into a draw to win one of five Nadine singles (spinART, 5 song editions, see below.) Names will be drawn at random on December 25th, and the winners will be posted here. In addition to the drawing, there will be three Nadine singles awarded to the first three ‘Lifetime’ membership signups (a member who donates $50 (USD)).

As well, we’ll have monthly draws for various Frank Black-related items, from CD’s to merchandise, to other completely random surprises. (It’s possible we’ll find some rare items in the archives of Frank Black’s manager.)

A year’s membership to the Friends of Club is $5 (USD), and will carry through for a full year. A lifetime membership is $50 (USD) and you’ll be a member of the Club as long as I have anything to say about it! The easiest way to make a donation would through Paypal. We will also accept money orders. (Note to our international friends, please pay in US dollars, unless you are Canadian.)

If donations exceed our goal, we will be put these funds aside for other potential uses, such as server upgrades (I’d really like to buy automated photo-gallery software for the site, so people can quickly and easily post their concert photos), maintenance fees (domain renewal and postage), and flying me to Portland, Oregon every few weeks to hang out with Frank. =)

Thank you for your support, and enjoy the site!

- Dave Noisy (click here to contact me if you have any questions)

- - - - -

Note: the Nadine EP is a very limited edition (only 3,000 copies manufactured) and has only been available in select US stores and once they are gone, (and most of them are), they will not be available again. It contains four live cuts from the Regina show last spring:

2. Hermaphroditos (live)
3. Los Angeles (live)
4. Jane The Queen of Love (live)
5. Gouge Away (live)

Tracks 2-4 were recorded live for CBC Radio 3 on April 4, 2003 at The State in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.