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"If people don't like what I'm doing, I don't know if they would necessarily know what I should be doing instead. I think fortunately people either like what I'm doing or don't like what I'm doing. It's kinda clear-cut. It's not like polka music with people saying, 'Man I wish you just get off this polka thing it's just too weird.' It's not anything specific that people can complain about."
(Frank Black - Chart Attack)




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Bluefinger: New Frank Black album, or Bond sequel?
Broken Face ( PST)

Well, apparently winter hibernation has set in for the team, but that’s ok, we’re slowing coming out of our mid-winter haze with some pretty darn exciting news.

Earlier this month, The Man himself came forward with some bizarre posts about something called a “bluefinger” and was posting long threads that appeared to have used some sort of online translation tool to translate from English to Dutch and back to English! Confusion temporarily subsided when this post appeared:


1. captain pasty
2. threshold apprehension
3. test pilot blues
4. lolita
5. tight black rubber
6. angels come to comfort you
7. your mouth into mine
8. discotheque 36
9. you can't break a heart and have it
10. she took all the money
11. bluefinger


produced by mark


Has Frank Black once again become Black Francis? Is this name changin' business all a joke? Is this a permanent switch? Only time will tell…


Best of the Best
Cult of Frank (23:16 PST)

There are almost as many Pixies Best-Ofs as there are actual albums, but when it comes to Frank Black's post-Pixies career there are, exactly, none. No more. Cooking Vinyl aims to rectify this with a new release, slated for June 18th, called Frank Black 93-03, a 2-CD set which will also include a track from his up and coming Bluefinger album (another CV release slated for September of this year). The track in question in Threshold Apprehension which, for those who can't wait the month, can get their ears on a 7" Vinyl single that was released on the 5th of May with an exclusive track called Get Away Oil. These two tracks will also be available as a digital download bundle on iTunes, sometime this weekend.

So, when to get it? Well, if you pre-order from the CV Store, they send you a poster and a PDF of some hand-written lyrics by the man. Plus you get entered into a draw to win the actual paper copies. Pretty darned cool prize. Also, be sure to check out their site ( the best of: there will be a free track from the bonus disc coming next week as well.

The compilation will also be available on iTunes, for those with more gigs than shelf-space, with a worldwide release including all the tracks and bonus discs, making it a leave-the-computer-on-overnight affair to grab the 40-odd tracks that entails.

Now the big question: What's on it? Disc 1 is the actual best-of. 22 tracks of note from FB's career. The bonus disc, Disc 2, features a spattering of live cuts from last fall’s Frank Black tour, featuring Eric Drew Feldman on electric bass, Duane Jarvis on lead guitar and Billy Block on drums. The tracks come from shows at Mr. Small’s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and from the Distrikt in Regina, Saskatchewan. However, depending on where you live, your disc 2 will be different, as the European/North American/Japanese editions of the record all feature different tracklistings. The iTunes download will feature all bonus tracks from the three different territories, though, so you can at least download any missing tracks from your region.

A complete track listing for the 2-CD 'Frank Black 93-03' is as follows:

Disc 1:

Los Angeles (Frank Black, 1993)
Ten Percenter (Frank Black, 1993)
Czar (Frank Black, 1993)
Old Black Dawning (Frank Black, 1993)
Abstract Plain (Teenager of the Year, 1994)
Calistan (Teenager of the Year, 1994)
Speedy Marie (Teenager of the Year, 1994)
Headache (Teenager of the Year, 1994)
Freedom Rock (Teenager of the Year, 1994)
Men In Black (The Cult of Ray, 1996)
You Ain’t Me (The Cult of Ray, 1996)
I Don’t Want to Hurt You (The Cult of Ray, 1996)
All My Ghosts (Frank Black and The Catholics, 1998)
I Gotta Move (Frank Black and The Catholics, 1998)
Bad Harmony (Pistolero, 1999)
Western Star (Pistolero, 1999)
Robert Onion (Dog In The Sand, 2001)
Hermaphroditos (Dog In The Sand, 2001)
Velvety (Devil’s Workshop, 2002)
California Bound (Black Letter Days, 2002)
Massif Centrale (Show Me Your Tears, 2003)
Manitoba (Show Me Your Tears, 2003)

Disc 2:

North America
Deadman’s Curve
Raider Man
My Terrible Ways
I’ll Be Blue
Johnny Barleycorn
Ten Percenter
Dog Gone
The Swimmer

Living On Soul
Burnt Out Rock ‘n’ Roll
Been All Around the World
Six Sixty Six
Horrible Day
(Do What You Want) Gyaneshwar

Ten Percenter
Deadman’s Curve
My Terrible Ways
I’ll Be Blue
Living On Soul
I Burn Today
I’m Nod Dead (I’m In Pittsburgh)
Sing For Joy

So, that's the tracklisting in a rather larger nut shell. At last, something to give to friends when introducing them to Frank Black. And, if you check out our tours page, you'll see that you have plenty of chances to see him perform some of these gems live when he goes on tour this summer in Europe. He will be playing with a full band, featuring Simon “Ding” Archer on bass (formerly of the Fall and PJ Harvey’s touring band). See our tour dates (to the right of the news) for more info.

-Dean and Brian

News and Olds
Cult of Frank (14:24 PST)

Bluefinger As you may or may not know, this site is run completely by unpaid volunteers. Primarily three of us; one watching over the forum, one arranging his upcoming marriage, and one crisscrossing the outback of Australia on a camel named T-Ho. So it has happened that we have missed several important news releases and events in the universe of Frank Black.

Thanks to our outspoken and vociferous community, however, we're here to offer a quick recap to bring you up to date:

First of all, thanks to forum member Pachinko, the new Black Francis album, Bluefinger is now available on eMusic . You can also preorder the album via the FrankBlack.Net store here. Why Black Francis, you ask? Check out the press release (courtesy of PixiesMusic) here. The album itself will be available September 3rd through conventional means. And, it should be mentioned, is a direct result of inspiration by Herman Brood.

Courtesy of vilainde, the enigma that keeps our tour page up to date, Frank Black is the first independent artist to record an exclusive live session for iTunes. This fits right in character with FB being first on eMusic, the Pixies having the honour of playing first song on Mars (Where Is My Mind was used to activate the rover), and of course FB having our pioneering site at his back. Riiiight. The exclusive live session is available NOW for download with the following lineup: Frank Black (vocals / guitar), Charles Normal (guitar), Ding (bass) and Jason Carter (drums). It was recorded July 6th, 2007, at the Rockhal Studios in Luxembourg. The tracklist is:

1. Re-Make/Re-Model (Roxy Music cover)
2. Massif Central
3. Manitoba
4. History Song (The Good, The Bad And The Queen cover)
5. The Black Rider (Tom Waits cover)

Best of Frank Black 93-03. At last, a definitive collection of FB's favourite tracks from his solo career. Available wherever fine music is sold and a great way to introduce your friends to our man.

And now, a few quick recaps of all the stuff in the FB Universe(tm):

The European Tour - Frank Black toured Europe this summer with a new cast of characters... and without a guitar. While FB, or BF, or whatever you may call him channeled his energy into vocals and belted out songs from across his careers and personas, he was joined by Jason Carter (drums), Charles Normal (guitar), and Ding Archer (bass). See out Photo Gallery for some fine pics (courtesy the folks at the fantastic Blackolero (en francais), and a live video recording from Amsterdam at FabChannel. This is not to be missed!

The EDF Project - according the FB, this is currently on hold. Touring and all the other things going on in the Frank Black universe demand a lot of attention. For those unaware, as reported here some time ago, Frank Black and Eric Drew Feldman had started working on a new album some time ago. Find out more from the FrankBlack.Net Podcast (returning to life this spring in the southern hemisphere, because spring is a time of rebirth after all).

Grand Duchy. A few months ago, a track was leaked from a previously unknown Frank Black project called Fort Wayne. It was in keeping with the Frank Black tradition in that it was a departure from the Frank Black tradition, and raised plenty of questions. Namely, what is Grand Duchy and when can we hear more? This is collaborative effort with Violet, FB's wife and chanteuse. While the album is not yet finished, what little we've heard certainly has FB.Net members excited.

That's about it for now, but it's plenty, isn't it? Don't forget to check out the Black Francis site, while you're getting up to date, too. I will do my best to bring my trusty camel to an outback saloon/internet cafe regularly and keep the news flowing more freely. Until then, from somewhere near, well, nothing.


Bluefinger: Lost Circulation?
Cult of Frank (13:41 PST)

Although we previously reported that Bluefinger was available on eMusic, it seems that that is no longer the case - for the moment. In fact, it most likely was mistakenly put on their site a month too early. You should be able to expect it there around the same time the album itself is released. You can still preorder from our FB.Net Store or from Cooking Vinyl directly, however. And moreover, you can go and get your fill now at the new Bluefinger Website. So there's plenty to keep your thumbs from dancing a slow rotation of boredom as you await the Sept 3rd release.

And just to make sure, our friend Cohen (AKA Coastline) has been working busily with YouTube to chronicle and organize all the Frank Black related videos into our new FrankBlack.Net Video Archive. Be sure to open up the Playlists to navigate your way around. There are already videos for songs on Bluefinger and everything, so definitely go have a look. Thanks, Coastline!

(Cairns, Australia)

Bluefinger Points West
Cult of Frank (12:40 PST)

Bluefinger It may be rude to point, but I doubt there are any on the west coast that will be upset by this particular announcement. First of all, as of now, Sept 11, Bluefinger is available just about everywhere! If you want to check it out, may we recommend BlackFrancis.Net for video and audio. You can play and download the entire album free (don't worry, FB still gets paid) if you try out eMusic by clicking here . And of course it's available in our FB.Net Store for purchase, too. Of course, you all have the first Black Francis solo outing ever preordered, right? Right?? In which case, this second bit of news should make you drool all the more:

After traveling Europe as Black Francis in support of his brand-new solo album "Bluefinger", we're happy to announce that the artist formerly known as Frank Black will be offering a very special treat to the west coast of Canada and the US. Actually, 14 very special treats: a tour spanning the distance from Vancouver to Los Angeles from October 1st to the 16th! Most stops will have more than one date in small to mid-sized venues.

On tour with Mr. Black, none other than Mrs. Black (Violet Clark) on vocals, Dan Schmidt on bass, and Jason Carter on drums. And, apparently, Black Francis will not only be sporting guitar, but also a harmonica and one hell of a scream. This is going to be very exciting!

Confirmed tour dates for Black Francis' Fall West Coast are as follows:

1 Fir Lounge, Portland, OR
2 Fir Lounge, Portland, OR
3 Richards on Richards, Vancouver, BC CANADA
4 Richards on Richards, Vancouver, BC CANADA
5 Wow Hall, Eugene, OR
7 Harlow's, Sacramento, CA
8 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
9 Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA
10 Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA
11 Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA
13 Soho Music Club, Santa Barbara, CA
14 Downtown Brew, San Luis Obispo, CA
15 Safari Sam's, Los Angeles, CA
16 Safari Sam's, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to our anonymous assistant for all this great news! And if you don't have Bluefinger yet

From somewhere in the skies above Australia

The End and Beginning of FB.Net
Cult of Frank (07:02 PST)

As you may already have heard, Dave Noisy, our long time site administrator, is concluding his involvement with the site. As a result, our current server will be no more as of October 31. Does this mean that FrankBlack.Net will no longer exist? Yes. For a few days. And then we should be back. However, getting a new server is not cheap, and as we run this site with no ads or membership fees, the site has always survived on the generosity of the Frank Black community.

So, I have the unfortunate duty of asking anyone who feels that FB.Net provides them a valuable service (or hopefully several) to consider making a donation to our new server fund. The site will be back regardless, so I certainly don't want to scare anyone into donating, but of course if a few people give just a little it all adds up to helping keep things running smoothly.

So, if you would like to contribute to our Frank Black project, archive, and so on, you'd be surprised what a few clicks of a mouse can do:

See you on the new server!

On the Move
(0040 PST)

Just a quick note to everyone that FrankBlack.Net is currently being relocated. As such, the forum will be shut down temporarily to avoid lost information and conversation. Other parts of the site may not function quite as expected but feel free to pass the time looking around anyway. We hope to be back online soon, thanks for bearing with us as this mammoth move takes place.

Thanks to everyone for their very generous donations. It is thanks to your contributions that we have a new server to move FrankBlack.Net to, and Frank Black fans the world over are truly indebted to you.

Also on the move

Pixies Show Sat Jul 4, 2020
Mainsquare 2020
Arras, France

Pixies Show Sun Jul 5, 2020
Ferrari Autodromo
Imola, Italy

Pixies Show Wed Jul 8, 2020
Parco Della Musica Auditorium
Rome, Italy

Pixies Show Sat Jul 11, 2020
Mad Cool Festival
Madrid, Spain

Pixies Show Tue Jul 14, 2020
Bitan 1
Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

Pixies Show Thu Jul 16, 2020
Heineken Big Top
Galway, Ireland

Pixies Show Fri Jul 17, 2020
Heineken Big Top
Galway, Ireland

Pixies Show Sat Jul 18, 2020
Iveagh Gardens
Dublin, Ireland

Pixies Show Tue Jul 21, 2020
Adrenaline Stadium Live
Moscow, Russia

Pixies Show Wed Jul 22, 2020
St Petersburg, Russia

Pixies Show Fri Jul 24, 2020
Zelt Music Festival
Freiburg, Germany

Pixies Show Sat Jul 25, 2020
Zitadelle Mainz
Mainz, Germany

Pixies Show Mon Jul 27, 2020
Gröna Lund Festival
Stockholm, Sweden

Pixies Show Wed Aug 19, 2020
Paredes de Coura Festival
Paredes de Coura, Portugal

Pixies Show Thu Aug 20, 2020
Paredes de Coura Festival
Paredes de Coura, Portugal

Pixies Show Fri Aug 21, 2020
Paredes de Coura Festival
Paredes de Coura, Portugal

Pixies Show Sat Aug 22, 2020
La Cabaret Vert
Charleville-Mézières, France

Pixies Show Sun Aug 23, 2020
La Cabaret Vert
Charleville-Mézières, France

Pixies Show Mon Aug 24, 2020
La Cabaret Vert
Charleville-Mézières, France

Pixies Show Tue Aug 25, 2020
La Cabaret Vert
Charleville-Mézières, France

Pixies Show Sat Aug 29, 2020
Sei Festival
Lecce, Italy

Pixies Show Mon Aug 31, 2020
Zagrebacki Velesajam
Zagreb, Croatia

Pixies Show Tue Sep 1, 2020
Tasmajdan Stadium
Belgrade, Serbia

Pixies Show Wed Sep 2, 2020
Budapest Park Open Air
Budapest, Hungary

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