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Somethings (I can't get used to)

Old Jack was a millionaire
And a lot of good it did him
He died of an overdose
Just like a one I know
So maybe when you get a lot
You've got a lot of nothing
Maybe he can tell us but
You can't talk to him

Somethings (I can't get used to)

By the time I got home
You were gone already
It makes me a little bit nervous
You'll see him in vest beneath me
And I've gone tied my hands
And no time to lose
Whenever I make a plan
Nothing turns out the way it's supposed to.

Somethings (I can't get used to)

Oh my but he got a chill
It was on Christmas Eve
Should've been a fine day but
It was not meant to be
Or maybe he wanted it that way
That's the only thing she could think of
And when I turned him over
He was dead as he could be

Somethings (I can't get used to)

- This is a song from Angst's "Mending Wall" LP, which Frank Black & The Catholics recorded during the Devil's Workshop session. It was released four years later on the Snake Oil b-sides compilation.

- Produced & Recorded by Ben Mumphrey
Frank Black (vocals, guitar)
Scott Boutier (drums)
David McCaffrey (bass, backing vocals)
Dave Philips (guitar, additonal vocals)

"I know the Angst boys. Very nice chaps. In fact, we did record SOME THINGS during WORKSHOP, but haven't decided if is good enough."
- Frank Black, forum (9/22/03)

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