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Isla de Encanta

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Guitar Tab:

Hermanita ven conmigo
Hermanita ven conmigo
Hay aviones cada hora

Isla del encanto
Me voy
Me voy
Me voy

Donde no hay sufrimiento
Donde no hay sufrimiento
Me vieron pasar por la calle
Isla del encanto
Me voy
Me voy
Me voy

Nuestro propio animal canta a la gente pa'gratis
Hey babe what are we doing here?
Laaaaa Loooh Patria
Isla del encanto
Me voy
Me voy
Me voy

"I remember 'Isla de Encanta,' the first time they played it, it was horrible, and by the time I can back after watching the Red Sox play, it was awesome - it had completely turned around and Charles had changed the arrangement of it."
- John Murphy, "Fool the World: The Oral History of a Band Called Pixies" (US Edition, Pg. 26)

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