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Le Cigare Volant

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Guitar Tab:

We played a battled raged
Me and my brother
Dragged an American flag in the mud
Cause that was our druthers
They were fine and simple days like no others

Le Cigare Volant it's true once was above us
We wondered was he hate or someone that loved us
In the years since we have thought often of this

Got this feeling in our bones
For the icon we were shown
It took us twenty years to learn
The sacred image it has burned
We can't escape
It was a childhood fate

Oh so silently he shined
And so, say we, divine
And we wander on the hill
And we wonder if he will
Come back
We wait

I will postulate
It was a childhood fate

One More Road for the Hit and Japanese edition of Dog in the Sand feature a version produced by Nick Vincent and with Frank Black performing solo.

This song was written about a UFO encounter Frank Black had with his brother when they were boys.

Definitions and References:
Le Cigare Volant
From French, "Flying Cigar"

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