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Another Velvet Nightmare

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Guitar Tab:

Today I felt my heart slide into my belly
So I puked it up with liquor and I slept right where I lay
And I dreamed the backs of cards for the faces were not telling
No, I never have felt sicker
And I do not want to wake

Here comes another nightmare of you again
Another velvet nightmare come true again
I should have seen it coming
Oh, please don't let it end
My nightmare of you again

No I never would have come here
But I my eyes they would not focus
So I took my last three dollars
And I spent them on a drink
I had visions of you, dear, but they floated without notice
All these drunkards do is holler
'Til this drunkard cannot think

A curtain falls
A scene grivoise
It seems your blue eyes listen

Here comes another nightmare of you again
Another velvet nightmare come true again
Oh, I should have seen it coming
Oh, please don't let it end
My nightmare of you again

"This is an example of how great Cropper, Spooner, and these guys are as an ensemble. None of this was planned out. Everything fell into place while I was playing the song with them for the first time. I wrote this with Reid Paley, mainly by email and telephone, and there were a lot of misunderstandings. He tends to waltz things up and I tend not do. So when we got together in New York to finish it, he'd play the song and I'd go, "What are you doing, man? It's not a waltz; it's in 4/4." And he'd go, "No, it's not. It's a triplet feel." We couldn't decide which way to go, so I figured we'd do both and hope for the best. Well, when I brought it to Nashville the musicians treated it so smoothly: They kicked from 4 to 3 so effortlessly and made it sound humorous, almost a little risqué. It was a potentially difficult song, but it sounds like they've done it a thousand times."
- Frank On Recording Honeycomb Night Times. 12/06/2005

Songs like “Another Velvet Nightmare” have a very Leonard Cohen feel.
"Yeah, I think that listening to some of his records in recent years, there’s a thing, an attitude that he has going on that I really, really like. He can be dark and down but it’s very humorous and it’s very smart and witty. He’s very cool. It’s almost like a Bryan Ferry stance, with the whole wrinkled suit and the cigarette. It’s a little bit like, 'I can handle myself. Yes, I was destroyed, but let me tell you about it…' For a lot of people my age, I’m Your Man was the record that got you into Leonard Cohen. I heard that record round about 1989 on a Pixies tour and became obsessed with it. It all clicked and I got who he was. Now I can go back to his earlier records and listen to them, no problem. I think my mother’s in love with him. She’s got this Austin City Limits performance by him that we always watch together when I visit her."
- Frank On Recording Honeycomb in Uncut magazine.

Definitions and References:
"Grivoise" is feminine for the adjective "grivois" in French, meaning "saucy".

Scene Grivoise" is the title of a Flemish 17th century painting and the phrase is currently used to describe erotic films of the early 20th century.

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