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Highway To Lowdown

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Guitar Tab:

Well me and my friend we walked to the split
Then I headed on home and he headed outbound
I didnít listen to him
But you can take it from Jim
Itís a highway
Itís a highway
Highway to lowdown

If youíre tired, why donít you just go to sleep
And if youíre wired Iíll be your brother, you can be my keep
And all these fires, Jim, they just keep following you around

You canít get found if youíre anything like my good friend James
He wasnít even underground, I think he was playing all them faster games
I bet you canít slow down
Youíll be a running man while you pray

Its a highway

Some call it a road and some call it a street
Well say what you will, it leads right out of town
To a desolate land
It will mess up your plans

Itís a highway to lowdown

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