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Don't Cry That Way

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Guitar Tab:

Years flew away
I saw her standing there
Our last parking lot
'cause we didnít have a prayer
Liquid roses trying to confess
Donít cry that way, donít cry that way
Little girl I feel so helpless

The city far below
I let a river pour
In our corner room of glass
We had a sad contest
Beneath your skin you found two rivers more
Donít cry that way

Do they know as they fight their way upstream
Have they a reason to know why?
Here we go into the analyzerís dream
And when we get there do we die?
Hey brother count the ways that I am blessed
But I am cursed with your image as a child
Silently like chicklets in the wild
Donít cry that way, donít cry that way
Little boy I feel so helpless

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