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Llano Del Rio

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Guitar Tab:

Llano-Llano (x3)

Going out to Llano
Llano del Rio
Try to find utopia
In the stucco grids and the tumbleweeds

You got to love that pearblossom
Itíll kill you just like possum
Have you been to the rock foundations?
Where it's mostly known just for the speed

Llano-Llano (x3)

Going out to Llano
Going out to look for Aldous Huxley
There between the power lines
And the purple flowers of mescaline

If you really want to
You can practice esperanto
But in the land of pronto
The wind it tastes like gasoline

Llano-Llano (x3)

Going out to Llano
Llano del Rio [x4]

Definitions and References:
Llano del Rio
A socialist colony in Southern California's Antelope Valley. It was founded as a veritable utopia by Los Angeles mayoral candidate Job Harriman, referenced in other Frank Black songs, and existed briefly in the years before the first world war.

A language developed with the goal of creating a universal second language to promote such utopian ideals as world peace and understanding, the word itself means 'one who hopes'.

Aldous Huxley
An English writer that emigrated to the US in 1937, known for his satirical, dystopian, and utopian novels. Aldous Huxley was fascinated by Llano del Rio and stayed there for a time in the 1940's. He claimed that the desert light cured his vision and he was able to read without glasses as a result.

A small town near Llano and also the name of the highway (CA State Route 138) that serves as the main street of Llano. The highway is reputed to be one of the most dangerous in the US.

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