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Brackish Boy

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Guitar Tab:

This man he was a Mexican, oh yeah
Adopted into Norwegian, oh yeah
Turned into American, oh yeah
But he felt a Mexican, oh yeah
Down Mexico way

He had to learn Spanish, oh yeah
He was a walking fish, oh yeah
He was feeling so brackish
Between Norwegian and English
He decided it was time to go
To find the people that he did not know

But the road to Mexico, oh yeah
They sure go fast but they should go slow, oh yeah
Its a dangerous roooooooaaad

By now you know that he was fucked
By now you know he had no luck
He was smashed head on by a giant truck
Down on Mexico way

- A recording of this song exists from Trompe Le Monde-era Pixies. It was never officially released, but a clip of the recording surfaced on the internet from someone who claimed to have a copy of the Trompe Le Monde outtakes/alternate recordings.

"I had this Norwegian dorm pal... This is a true story about his adopted brother from Mexico. Kind of a sad story, but you know, you need sad stories to have funny and ironic tales to tell."
- Frank, Toronto 1993

"So none of these songs (on the first album) are, say, three years old?"
"Um, no," responds Frank, but Jeane mentions 'Brackish Boy.' "Right, yeah," he recalls. "That's a couple of years old. It's like, who knows? There might be half a chord change on something that I've been playing since I was 15."

- article, 93

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