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Song: the Navajo Know
Album: trompe le monde
Tabbed by: Derek 


high E---8h10p8--7------

BASS: C-A-D-E (repeat)

Cm       Am        Dm  Em 
 Upon construction
Cm            Am     Dm  Em
 There is the mohawk
Cm          Am      Dm  Em
 His way of walking
Cm           Am        Dm   Em
 Quite high above the ground
 Fearless of looking down, skywalk!

                                               (4th time)
Cm Am Dm Em (4x)    joey:  A---3--5--3-----3-  --3--5--3--5--7--3--
                           E------------5----  --------------------

Cm           Am       Dm  Em         
 Some people say that
Cm       Am      Dm  Em
 The Navajo know
Cm        Am     Dm  Em
 A Way of Walking
Cm            Am       Dm    Em
 Quite high above the ground
G                                Cm
 Fearless of looking down, oh no!

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