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"I see the checks when they come in the mailbox, and I thank all my patrons very much.... they should probably stop buying my records for a while so I can go on a diet."
(Frank Black - BBC Interview.)




You Ain't Me tribute CD cover
Cover of the You Ain't Me B-Sides

= You Ain't Me - A Frank Black Tribute =



Visit the Frank Black Forum, sign up, then visit the FTP area. You will need an FTP client to download the album - check out the FTP FAQ for info on this if you need help. (Note: you will not be able to view the area until you sign up and log into the Forum.) The CD Cover and Tray Inserts, as done by Ryan Wiesbrock is located on the FTP as well.


There are two groupings of songs - the ones selected for the 'Album', and all other contributions, which are listed as 'B-Sides'. They're all encoded as 192kbps MP3's.

Song - Big Red
Artist - Clootie
Username - Atheist4Catholics
Produced and Engineered by Tim Franklin
Drums - Alesis SR-16
Bass, Guitar, Vocals, SFX - Tim Franklin

Artist: Parker Airspace
Track: If It Takes All Night
FB.Net Member(s): Parker_Airspace
Vocals & Guitar: Nick Lawry
Backing Vx/Drums/Bass/Keyboard: Chris Lawry
Mixing: Nick Lawry

Artist: Parker Airspace
Track: Czar
FB.Net Member(s): Parker_Airspace
Vocals & Guitar: Nick Lawry
Backing Vx/Drums/Bass/Keyboard: Chris Lawry
Mixing: Nick Lawry

Artist: Surface Noise
Track: Parry The Wind High Low
FB.Net Member(s): Bill Goodman
Vocals, Guitar: Yop
Drums: Luke
Guitar: Jamaal
Mixing: Jamaal and Yop

Artist: Bronko
Track: I Need Peace
FB.Net Member(s):Bronko
Vocals: Mike Nierzejewski
Backing Vocals: Mike Nierzejewski
Guitar/Bass/Drums: Mike Nierzejewski
Mixing:Mike Nierzejewski

Artist: Gavin Bachner
Track: There Goes Nadine
FB.Net Member(s): switchy
Vocals: Gavin Bachner
Backing Vocals: Gavin Bachner
Guitar: Gavin Bachner
Bass: Gavin Bachner
Drum: Drum machine
etc: Gavin Bachner
Mixing: Gavin Bachner
Contact info:

Artist: Avelimp
Track: Adda Lee
FB.Net Member: The Holiday Son
Guitar/Vocals: Michaël
Bass: Gaël
Drums/Sax: Etienne
Mixing: Avelimp

Artist: Matt Olin
Track: Abstract Plain
FB.Net Member(s): molin
Vocals/Bass/Guitars/Drums: Matt Olin

Artist: Psychic Twin
Track: Speedy Marie
FB.Net Members: PsychicTwin
Guitar/Vox/Bass: Alex Eliopoulos
Drums/Percussion: Stan Chong
Mixing: Alex Eliopoulos

Artist: Marshall Guthrie
Track: Robert Onion
FB.Net Member(s): eugovector
Vocals: Marshall Guthrie
Guitars: Marshall Guthrie
Drums: Loopology
Mixing: Marshall Guthrie

Artist: Andy Pleva
Track: Black Letter Day
FB.Net Member(s): Little Black Francis
Vocals: Andy
Backing Vocals: n/a
Guitar/Drums: Andy
Keyboards: n/a
Mixing: Andy Pleva/ Amar Ashworth

Artist: Floyd Merrick and the Body Pipes
Track: I Think I'm Starting to Lose It
FB.Net Member(s): FloydMerrick
Vocals/Guitar: Floyd Merrick
Backing Band: The Body Pipes
Mixing: Floyd Merrick
Contact info:

Track - Heloise
FB.Net Member - Puerco
Performance - Puerco
All Instrumentation/Vocals - Eric Roberts