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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black and the catholics
Song: 21 Reasons
Album: Black Letter Days
Tabbed by: Derek (proverbialcereal)

E            F#m       D
 I rode from T J up to Berkeley 
        A              B
 and it started out so grey
        F#        E        D     B
 Till I lost that cool protection 
          F#            E    B    E
 When the sun burned it all away 

E          F#m                   D
 While the winter's light shined down on those 
   A              B
 Revivals from my day 
       F#             E     D     B
 I had dreams of your insurrection 
       F#      E    B    E
 Taken down by Monterey 


C // D  F#                    G
         I don't care for the season
C // D  F#                    G
         I don't find it that fun and I've got
A           F#m     D
 Twenty-one reasons I've got
A           F#m         D
 Twenty-one reasons and there go 
F#m         E       D      A   D  A  E
 Twenty-two singers on the run 

E        F#m            D 
 First I saw the digits crawling 
        A             B
 Slowly up the rocky coast
           F#     E   D     B
 Just some separated fingers 
         F#        E     B   E
 Looking for their fingerpost 

[VERSE 4] - same chords as previous verses
From the water jumped a bloody hand 
Needing desperately a host 
When I saw the bald bell ringers 
Well I knew then that you were toast 

-CHORUS [1x]-

[SOLO] - verse chords one time through

[VERSE 5 & 6]
Then went up the baby babels 
Where the iron bells were hung 
They couldn't get them any higher 
And those iron bells were rung 

With the singers now all gathered 
They collected every tongue 
And so now it was required 
For every soul to turn the dung 

-CHORUS [1x]-

[SOLO] - verse chords once, chorus chords once

[VERSE 7 & 8]
Well you sure can hear a rumble
on the royal road today 
And those grand halls of correction 
well I think that they're here to stay 

From the time that you are born 
there are certain bells you must obey 
best you plan for the resurrection 
best you lower your head and pray 

-CHORUS [1x]-

A           F#m     D
 Twenty-one reasons 
A           F#m     D
 Twenty-one reasons 
F#m         E       D      A   D  A  E    F#m   D
 Twenty-two singers on the run 


 *D2   A  B

 F#  E   D  B  F#  E  B


verse chords [3x]

end on F#m

    *D2     A              B

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