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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black and the Catholics
Song: End of Miles
Album: BLD
Tabbed by: BLT (?)   Intro bit: Derek



D--0--|--0---0---3-------0--2----3---3----2----  [3x]
  D2     Dm      F          C    F       Am

Dm            F         C                F   Am
At the end of miles you stare out at the ocean 
Dm                F                     C    Am
Mountains at your back you think you've tamed 
Dm            F              C                      F    Am
At the end of miles you hope you'll soon be back in motion 
           G           F                   Dm  F
But you're never going back from where you came
G                 A           Bb                   C               Dm
A little peace at last, yes I thought that I would stay just for a while 
G            A       Bb                      C             F   Em
Now a shadow cast is all what's left of this wanderer's profile 
    G               Dm          G             Dm
But still I have survived and I know I have arrived 
     G             Dm  F C F Am   Dm F C F Am
Here at the end of miles 

Dm                 F       C            F   Am
I lost it all back east, I sold my El Dorado 
  Dm              F                    C  Am
A stranger helped me when I was thirstiest 
    Dm              F    C              F   Am
For some the end of miles is Denver Colorado 
    G                F              Dm  F
But something always kept me moving west 

G                 A        Bb              C          Dm
I'm lately out of reach in towns along the California shore 
G                A             Bb            C               F   Em
I'm leathery and bleached, I'm lost and I am lonesome to the core
         G               Dm         G            Dm
I've got nowhere left to go but I'm satisifed to know 
            G          Dm  F C F Am   Dm F C F Am
There'll be miles nevermore 


note: the intro doesn't have all the notes that Frank plays tabbed. Play
around those chords and you'll get it to sound good -Derek

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