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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black and the Catholics 
Song: Jet Black River
Album: Black Letter Days
Tabbed by: Derek (proverbialcereal)


G#  Fm  (4x)

C  C# (2x)  C  D#

G#m  F  (2x)  

C#                       C
 Jet black river take me on 
        C#                       C
 What's in-between is waiting on me 
    C#              D#
 Revealing caffeine ghosts 
    G#      G#m        F
 and giving up its gasoline 
   C                                 C#
 I think I see the stacks of my home blow 
       C                    C#
 Sweet memories of dirty monochrome 
     C                    D#
 but once again tonight we sing 

G#m                        F
 Jet black river's calling me  [4x]

     G#m                            F
 Now ooo, jet black river's calling me [4x]

end on: G#

there might be some kind of alternate tuning on one of the guitars.
I might have to make some minor corrections to this tab in the future.

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