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= Frank Black Tab =
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Download the song directly here (TXT file) :

Frank Black and the Catholics
Song: The Shrimp Song
Album: currently unreleased
Tabbed by: Derek (ProverbialCereal)

(tabbed from live version)

 D                            A
   I saw three shrimps in the water
   And two were old and grey
 D                    G
   So I swam a little closer
         D         A         D*
   And I heard the third one say

 D               G
   Goodbye mommy shrimp
 D               A
   Papa shake my hand
 D                G
   Here comes the shrimp boat 
      D          A    D   
   To take me to Lousian'

 D                            A
   He showed his mama and his papa
   the shrimp newspaper he read
   Then there the advertisement 
      D        A           D
   To all the young shrimp said:

 D           G
   Free ride New Orleans
 D                  A
   Stay in grande hotel
 D           G
   Meet a Creole gal
      D        A           D   Dsus  D
   To help you out of your shell


play thru VERSE and then CHORUS

[VERSE 3] - same chords

   His poor mama and his poor papa
   They haven't heard from him yet
   Last time they seen his smiling face
   Is when he jumped into the net

 D               G
   Goodbye mommy shrimp
 D               A
   Papa shake my hand  
 D                G            
   Here comes the shrimp boat, lord
      D             A   D
   To take me to Louisiana

*Little ditty on some of these D chords:

(the A actually sounds better if you play it as A7)

I tabbed this from a live full-band version, which is a different
arrangement than the MP3 you can download at the link below. Guess
I'll have to tab that one, now that I've heard it...

basically it's Dm, A7, and Gm

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