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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black
Song: Wanderlust
Album: Fast Man Raider Man
Tabbed by: ProverbialCereal


 Dm  C  G  (3x)

[VERSE 1 & 2]

          G  Em          Am    D7/F#
 When the wheels hit the road

             C   E7
 When cryin' mode

           F7  G#7        Am     Dm   
 Makes you feel    on the brink

G7       G          C
 'tis of you that I think

          G  Em          Am   D7/F#
 When the plane takes me far

         C  E7        F7   G#7
 And you are  going insane

       Am    Dm
 So it seems

G7       G          C
 'tis of you that I dream


 Dm  C  G  (3x)

[VERSE 3] - same chords

 When the ship leaves the bay
 And you stay in the slip
 Far behind
 'tis you on my mind


   play verse (1x) 

   Dm  C  G   (3x)

[VERSE 4 & 5]

 When the train takes me far
 And you are going insane
 Like you're caught
 You're in my every thought

 When my shoes start to walk
 And you're not out and blue
 It is you
 That I love, it is you
       G          C
 It is you that I love


   Dm  C  G   (3x)

   C  (piano walk down)  C7


recommended chord formations:

   Am  C   C7   D7/F#  Dm   Em   E7   F7   G   G7   G#7

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