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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black
Song: Holland Town
Album: Fast Man Raider Man
Tabbed by: ProverbialCereal

intro chord: Bb

Bb          Eb             F       Bb
  I used to see you at the Ratskellar
          Eb     F       Bb
  Sarcasm of a young feller
           Eb        F          Bb
  Tall and mean between the pillars
F            Dm
  Before you drowned
F              C7
  In a Holland town

Bb         Eb        F      Bb
  You were still the muscle man
         Eb           F      Bb
  When I saw you in a nether land
      Eb      F          Bb
  Alcohol and speed were friends
F             Dm    F             C7
  You cycled around  in a Holland town

Bbadd9         C7             F              F7
   The old pea coat is loose upon your frame
Bbadd9              C7                     F
  Your handshake is strong but you look so short
  And your face distorts
Bbadd9         C7          F   Fsus2  F7   C7
  You speak no more of someone  to   blame

Bbadd9    C7            F         F7
  Was it here below the sea level
Bbadd9       C7                F     
  You set adrift your rock and roll
  And you got on the dole
Bbadd9          C7           F  Fsus2  F7    C7        
  You lost your love to some  clever  devil?


     Bb    Eb    F    Bb   (x3)
     F     Dm

     F     C7

Bbadd9         C7              F        F7
  Iím sorry to hear about your sister
Bbadd9         C7              F
  She went too far down in the drain
  She was trying to dull her pain
Bbadd9          C7        F    Fsus2  F7      C7
  The North Sea now is so full  of   twisters

Bb          Eb             F     Bb
  I want to see you at the Royal Al
            Eb                F         Bb
  I want to see you with some different pals
                Eb           F       Bb
  Donít want to see you in a Holland town
                Eb           F       Bbadd9
  Donít want to see you in a Holland town

recommended chord formations:

   Bb  Bbadd9  C7  Dm   Eb   F   F7  Fsus2  

the right guitar might use a capo, so I may
tab it for a capo on the 1st fret. You can try 
transposing it, since the chord formations are
basically the same; just replace your pointer finger 
with the capo for the most part.

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