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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black
Song: The Real El Rey
Album: Fast Man Raider Man
Tabbed by: Atertus Coveni, ProverbialCereal (corrections + tidy up)

[PART 1]

Am               Dm
   We made the scene
           C   Bm   Am    
   At the real    El Rey
Dm             G
   Or so they say
            C      Bm        F  
   So many claimed    to be king

[PART 2]

C                        G              C 
   I知 going back to Manchester, England
Dm                        A   Dm
   I知 gonna learn me to sing
        C7      F        C    
   But I値l beware out there
         Dm   C    Bb   
   On the English moor
             F   Db  C        F
   Where so many claim to be king

[PART 3]

   Bb                       F  
      I知 gonna be the king
   F                        Bb      F
   I知 going down there to Globe-Miami
   F                    Bb   Ab              G
   I知 going up on the heaps,   the heaps of slag
            F         Bb     Dm C  Bb          
   'cause a bottle of cold Bohemia
                   F       Db C  F
   That痴 the best water I ever had


  C   Bb  F
  Am  Dm
  C   Bm  Am
  Dm  G  
  C   Bm  F 

Repeat Parts 2 and 3. Excluding lyric "I'm gnona be the king," but
playing the chords above it.


 C  Bb  F


recommended chord formations:
   Am   A   Bm   Bb   C   C7   Dm   Db   F   G   Ab

play C barre chord after the Db in part 2 and 3

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