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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black
Song: Atom in My Heart
Album: Honeycomb
Tabbed by: Joshua King

[intro chords]

 Am G F


[verse 1]
 C           Am   C                Bb
  Is there a place, that you can't go back to?
 F           G              C G  F G
  Is there a town you can't even enter?

[verse 2]
C                 Am          C                Bb
  Maybe there are whole states, you don't even wanna pass through.
F                 G                  C   G  F  G
  Are you gettin' down now, you're a weekly renter?

C         F         G        Am
  Is your mind gone, are you dog-tired?
C        F             G          C  G
  Do you feel like you can get no worse?
C       F       G       Am
  I'm a big guy, can we try this?
C        F      G        C  G
  I will be the whole universe. 
F                 G      
  Will you be the centre?
Am           G              F
  You burn inside me like a star.

    C           Am       Dm         G
 An atom in my heart. An atom in my heart.

REPEAT Pre-Chorus


Verse chords (1x) over solo

[verse 3]
  I know a place, yeah it was made for you.
  The earth is warm and the sky is tender.

Verse chords (1x) over solo


 Am G  F


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