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= Frank Black Tab =
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Frank Black
Song: Dark End Of The Street
Album: Honeycomb
Tabbed by: ProverbialCereal


              G              C         D

             G     C               G   D7

         G    Bm7        Em
  At the dark end of the street 
         G           Bm7    Em
  That's where we'll always meet 
            G                C        G
  Hiding in shadows where we don't belong 
            C           D      G
  Living in darkness to hide alone 
  You and me 
         C        D      G      
  At the dark end of the street 
  C       G   D7
  You and me 

         G             Bm7      Em
  I know time is gonna take its toll 
             G           Bm7          Em
  We have to pay for the love that we stole 
         G          C         G
  It's a sin and we know it's wrong 
               C         D                G  C
  Oh, but our love keeps coming on strong 
            G       C        D      G       C  G  D7
  Steal away to the dark end of the street 

                G                      Bm9
  They're gonna find us, they're gonna find us 
                C                G   C
  They're gonna find us, oh, someday 

  You and me 
         C        D            G   C
  At the dark end of the street 
          G   D7
  You and me 


  G  Bm7  Em (x2)

  G   C   G

  C   D   G   C

  G   C   D   G   C   G   Eb

           Ab       Cm7       Fm
  When the daylight all goes around 
          Ab           Cm7     Fm
  And by chance we are both downtown 
               Ab             Db      Ab  Ab7
  If we should meet, oh, just walk on by 
         Db              Eb        Ab
  Oh, my darling, please don't you cry 

  Tonight we will meet 
         Db       Eb     Ab     Db   Ab
  At the dark end of the street 

I think that chord is a Bm7. Either one of the chords
below sounds good to me:

             other chords:
e--2----5--  -3---0---0---2---2---4---4-----8------------
B--3----3--  -0---0---1---3---1---4---4-----9---6----8---
G--2----x--  -0---0---0---2---2---5---5----10---6----8---
D--4----4--  -0---2---2---0---0---6---4----10---6----8---
A--2----2--  -x---2---3-----------6---6-----8---4----6---
E----------  -3---0---------------4---4------------------    
   Bm7        G   Em  C   D   D7  Ab  Ab7  Fm   Db   Eb

Cm7 is just one fret up

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