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= Frank Black Tab =
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Download the song directly here (TXT file) :

Frank Black
Song: Fazer Eyes
Album: Teenager of the Year
Tabbed by: Russ H.

INTRO (Played 4X) Vocals:"Oooooooo..."

E                       A        Asus    G#7

D  Dsus       A  

All notes are here, but the slides,etc. are not tabbed out.
If you listen to the song, you'll get them.


G#          F# 
Starin' on into night
A          E 
Complete synapse
G#             F#                  A   Asus
I switched on somethin' I did not see.
G#             F#
May I leave,I believe I might
A             E       
This sweet collapse, baby.              
D     G#         A   Am 
I cannot get me free

When you've got your
Fazer eyes on me 

(Play intro again once)

(Use same chords for second verse as first)
Drivin' on into it
I do not know
Shores that were once by the sea
I'm seein' somethin' that is not there
It's so fast it's slow
And it's playin' with my memory



F#        E   G#     A         C#m       F#    
Accustomed to the frequency of glow, oh yeah
E               F#      G#      A 
You won't be frightened of the real thing after
the show.

Chords: Play intro chords twice, then play verse chords for
the first 5 lines twice, then a third time playing the G# D
A Am progression at the end. Then play a B chord just as the
chorus. Lastly, play the intro and fade out. The actual solo
i might tab later if enough people want it.

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