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      21  It's Just Not Your Moment
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       25  Sad Old World
       26  Don't Cry That Way
       27  Fare Thee Well
It's Just Not Your Moment

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We danced down on the sand
Was least a million bands
There was something about the light
From the fires on the shore
To Darin at the Troubador
holding us in his hand that night

Itís just not your moment
'cause that moment is gone
Itís just not your moment
Now the light has moved on
The smell of heaven sent
Was everywhere you went
But sweet blues went straight to hell

Goodbye my go-go girls
My aggravation pearls
Hear the echo in the shell
This is just not your moment
I hear Paris is now
Itís just not your moment
Weíre all criminals now
The last time that we kissed
How you say, en parlance
You wonít be sorely missed, no
Gun to my head, got to get moving

"My dad once told me that - he used to manage the restaurant next door to a nightclub called The Troubadour, in West Hollywood, in the sixties... He used to go and drink or party with the bartenders over at The Troubadour, and he'd be working at the restaurant next door called Dantana's, it's this famous old Hollywood haunt... He walked in the room, and Bobby Darin was on stage. My father didn't even care for Bobby Darin's music, per se, but Bobby Darin really had the audience in the palm of his hand. I mean he walked into the room for completely some other purpose, to borrow a case of vodka 'cause they ran out or something next door, he walked in and was stuck there for the next two hours because he couldn't leave the room, because Bobby Darin just had a grip on everybody in the room. He said it was the best musical concert he'd ever seen in his whole life. That's really saying something, I think. And as a performer, you wanna be that good, you wanna be like Bobby Darin at T he Troubadour, you wanna be like Elvis on a TV special or whatever."
-Frank Black on FrankBlack.Net Podcast Season 1, Episode 12

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