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"Putting out a record has become such a serious business. [i.e.]'Here’s my statement to the world.' It’s just music, y’know? There are lots of questionable records being released, so fuck it."
(Frank Black - Interview with Geocites)




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Dave Philips
- guitar, pedal steel guitar, background vocals

Originally from Athens, Georgia, Dave Philips has played in rock bands and country rock bands before his work with Frank Black and the Catholics. As once told in an interview, Dave was introduced to Frank through Joey Santiago. In Frank's own words: "When we got back to Los Angeles for a two week rehearsal (for the Dog in the Sand album), we added auxiliary guitarist Dave Philips, who was so good he ended up playing on every song." Early on, no one seemed to know who the 'new guy' was when he appeared at the live shows. Now it would be very strange indeed if he were not there. Dave most recently was able to showcase more of his talent during the spring 2002 FB&TC's tour, where he did all of the lead guitar work. A genuinely nice guy with tons of talent, we're all glad to welcome Dave aboard as "the newest Catholic".

Dave's previous work includes writing, guitar work, and vocals with the Athens, Georgia band "Jack Logan and Liquor Cabinet", which he co-founded. He has also worked with Tommy Stinson in Tommy's post-Replacements band "Perfect", and with "The Lisa Marr Experiment".

In a non-music related note, Dave and Frank appear as mutants in the film called "Low Budget Time Machine" which was filmed in 2002 and stars both Frank and Dave's wives.

Dave has previously appeared on/in:

  • Bulk, by Jack Logan, writing, guitars, vocals, 1994
  • Neon Tombstone music video with Jack Logan and Liquor Cabinet, 1995
  • Mood Elevator, by Jack Logan featuring Liquor Cabinet, writing, guitars, 1996
  • Buzz Me In, by Jack Logan, writing, guitars, 1999
  • Bring Me the Head of Kelly Keneipp, by Jack Logan/Kelly Keneipp, band, 1999
  • 4AM, by The Lisa Marr Experiment, guitars, 2000

NOTE: This bio was written by Zanni, and is now being redone from scratch. Check back in a few weeks for lots of new stuff.

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